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- Amendoeiras House is one of the 24 Tourism Businesses in Portugal that has received recognition from Tourism Portugal for Sustainability Reporting in Tourism and the 2022 Sustainability Report.
- Carbon Footprint in 2022: Total emissions (tCO2e) 2.3 (food 38%, energy 36%, waste 15%...), calculated using the Biosphere Calculator.
- Free-to-use bikes and trekking in the surrounding area. We have created a map for a pedestrian route, the "Caminho dos Javalis," with indescribable beauty, crossed by the Fernão Dias stream at two points (available at the reception).
- Saltwater pool without chemical products.
- Guests are encouraged to separate organic and inorganic waste, supported by an illustrative poster, and to deposit organic waste in the compost bin located in the organic garden, which is efficiently irrigated by drip systems.
- Breakfast preferably served with local and regional products. The kitchen is equipped with recycling bins and information on recycling methods.
- The vineyard, garden, and surrounding space are free from herbicides. Grass is cut (creating organic matter), and irrigation is done through drip systems.
- Nesting of doves and greenfinches in the accommodation area. Signage is placed next to plants with information about their scientific names.
- Guests are invited to participate in the grape harvest and subsequently, to tread the grapes in the winery tank.
- Green energy supported by 6 photovoltaic panels and a solar panel for water heating. Interior and exterior lighting with LED technology, interior hall lamps with timers, and timer switches for more efficient consumption. Efficient windows are used, class A+.
- Energy consumption monitor to raise awareness among guests for energy consumption reduction. Guests with below-average consumption are rewarded with a discount on their next direct booking with us.
- Flow-reducing faucets throughout the accommodation. Wastewater is connected to the public network.
- "Say no to plastic": exclusive use of glass for cups, water bottles, and dispensers for shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap, and dishwashing detergent.


- Partnership with ECOX: Use of environmentally friendly bulk-produced detergents (used oils are sent to ECOX to be regenerated into environmentally friendly detergents).
- "Plastic for plant": Each plastic packaging brought by guests will be reused in a pot with aromatic plants from our garden.


- Partnerships with "Doar com o Coração" and the Association of "Patudos Solidários" in our area of influence for the sharing of goods: clothing, toys, food, and pet food shared by our guests and Amendoeiras House.
- Support for local businesses and small producers (encouraging the local economy).
- Permanent exhibition of local crafts in the accommodation.
- Access to information and QR codes about the Abrantes Municipality and the Region at the reception of the accommodation.
- Conducting workshops with students from the Basic School and scouts from the Group in our area of influence: Marine Life Workshop, Nature Conservation Workshop, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Workshop, UN SDGs Board Game, Organic Farming Workshop.


- Amendoeiras House is one of the 24 Tourism Companies recognized by Tourism Portugal with the 2022 Tourism Sustainability Report.
- We were the first tourist unit in the Médio Tejo region, in 2021, to be awarded the Biosphere Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Certification, based on the principles of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
- Membership in the ESG 360 Platform of Tourism Portugal.
- Membership in the BCSD Platform.
- The first partner of Sustainable Travel Level 3 from Booking in the Médio Tejo region, in partnership with Inature.
- One of the 15 Finalists for the Gervásio Award from Sociedade Ponto Verde with the "Many RRR, reduce, reuse, and recycle" project.
- Participation in Community Actions with the Municipality of Abrantes.
- Participation in BTL 2022 at the invitation of Rota N2.
- Participation in BTL 2023 at the invitation of INature.

For more detailed information, please refer to our Sustainability Action Plan 2022/2024:

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