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In our website we only collect strictly necessary personal data in order to meet your request.
Please read this Privacy Policy carefully because your release of personal data requires your knowledge and acceptance of the conditions here written.

Collecting and processing personal data
1.1 Who’s responsible for collecting and processing data?
Amendoeiras House, based at Rua das Amendoeiras, nº19, hereinafter referred to as Amendoeiras House, is responsible for collecting and processing personal data, having the possibility to resort to subhired entities for the pursuit purposes here written.
1.2. What is personal data?
Personal data' means information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ('data subject'); an identifiable person is a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier. For example, a name, an identification number, location data, identifiers by electronic means or one or more specific elements of the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that individual are considered as personal identifiers.
1.3. Which personal data will be collected and processed?
Amendoeiras House shall process, among others, the following personal data:
- Bookings: name, email, telephone number, address, booking details.
- Recruiting: name, email and curriculum; and
- Newsletter: email;
Amendoeiras House assumes that the data were provided by the owner thereof or that the holder gave permission for it and presumes that the data is real and upgraded.
1.4. In which way is my data collected?
Personal data can be collected by:
(a) Email address;
(b) Website;
(c) Phone calls;
(d) In person.

The collected data is processed and stored electronically and on paper, properly stored and saved in our facilities and in strict compliance with personal data protection legislation, being stored in specific databases, created for this purpose, at Amendoeiras House or by the entities subcontracted by it, with Carlos Alberto Ruivo de Sousa Marcos being the responsible person.Some personal data collected in our website is of mandatory completion and, in case of lack of or insufficiency of these data, Amendoeiras House may not be able to provide services or information requested by you. In each concrete case, Amendoeiras House will inform you of the mandatory nature of the supply of the personal data involved.

2. Purpose of Personal Data Request
2.1. What is the purpose of the collected data?Your data is intended to be part of a personal data file that Amendoeiras House may use to pursue the following purposes:
- Management of bookings and stays
- Billing and verification of payment methods
- Supply of necessary information to your stay in our accommodation
- Conduction of satisfaction surveys related to your staying
- Management of complaints and customer support
- Contact list
- Newsletters Submission of marketing actions, contests (voucher raffles)
- Compliance with other legal or regulatory obligations
- Conduction of market researches, evaluation surveys and statistics analysis
- Recruiting
To pursue the purposes above identified, Amendoeiras House may interconnect the data collected with the purpose of updating and completing such data.
2.2 What is the purpose for processing your data?
The purpose of data processing associated with points a), b) and c) are based on the contractual relationship between the users or customers and Amendoeiras House.
The purpose of data processing associated with points g) and h) are based on your consent or legit interest if you are already our customer.
The purpose of data processing associated with points e) and i) are based on compliance with legal obligations.
The purpose of data processing associated with points d), f), g) (in case you are our cliente) and j) are based on legit interest by Amendoeiras House.
The purpose of data processing associated with points k)) are based on the established pre-contractual relationships.

3. Sharing of personal data
The personal data collected and held by Amendoeiras House may be transmitted with respect for the duty of confidentiality and principle of purpose which presided over its collection to the following entities:
(a) Judicial or administrative authorities, in cases in which such transfer is mandatory;
(b) Recruitment and selection companies
(c) Subcontractors who will process the data on behalf of Amendoeiras House and in accordance with the purposes determined by it.

4. Cookies
4.1. What is a cookie?
Cookies are small information files created by the electronic sites that the User visits which are stored in the browsing system ("browser") of the device used to access the internet (for example, the computer or mobile phone). These files help the websites to remember information about the visit and facilitate the next visit, by storing Users’ actions and preferences for a certain period of time. They retain or recognise the User's name, the language in which they want to browse the sites or other settings, as well as personalising the User experience through specific content or allowing the collection of information about the use of the websites.
Amendoeiras House may store cookies in its device to personalize and facilitate navigation without giving these cookies references or personal data.

Categorising cookies
Cookies are classified according to their purpose as follows:
(a) Strictly necessary cookies - these are essential for the website to operate and/or to provide the features requested by the User, as well as for saving website browsing preferences whenever the User is on the same device and requests this.
(b) Analytics cookies - these are optional and collect statistical information for the purposes of analysing use and managing visitor relationships by measuring interactions with the advertisements shown. All information collected by these cookies is bundled and therefore anonymous. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you have visited our site;
(c) Personalisation cookies - these are optional and are not necessary for the functioning of the website or improving its performance. They enable the user to personalise their browsing experience.
(d) Advertising Cookies - these are optional and seek to make advertising more attractive to users and advertisers. They select advertising based on the User's choices in order to improve reports on campaign performance and enhance the display of advertisements that the User has already seen or indicated as relevant.

Disabling cookies
All browsers allow the user to accept, refuse or delete cookies, namely by selecting the appropriate settings in the respective browser, so the user can, at any time, partially or completely disable the cookies used on our website. For more information, consult the browser's instructions and manuals. However, we inform you that when you disable cookies on the website, it may not function correctly.

5. Access, change and delete Personal Data
Under the terms of the Personal Data Protection Law, we guarantee you the right to access, update, rectify, delete, portability and erase of your personal data. You may also submit complaints to the National Data Protection Communication.
We also give you the right to object to the use of the data provided for marketing purposes, for sending informative communications or inclusion in lists or informative services. If you did not do so when collecting the data, you can send a request later.The exercise of these rights must be carried out via the following email address: alamendoeirashouse@gmail.com, or address: Amendoeiras House, Rua das Amendoeiras 19, Rossio ao Sul do Tejo, 2205-028 Abrantes, Portugal

5.1. For how long is your data stored?
The period of time for which data is stored and preserved varies according to the purpose for which the information is processed. Whenever there is no specific legal requirement, data will be stored and retained only for the minimum period necessary for the purposes that motivated its collection or subsequent processing, after which it will be deleted.

Personal Data Security
Amendoeiras House is committed to ensuring the security of your data. To this end, it has adopted several security measures of a technical and organizational nature, in order to protect the personal data against its dissemination, loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized processing or access, as well as against any other form of illicit treatment.
Amendoeiras House requires its subcontractors and partners to adopt security measures equivalent to those it practices.Notwithstanding the security measures practiced by Amendoeiras House, the user or customer must adopt additional security measures, namely, ensuring that they use equipment and a Browser that are up to date in terms of security, appropriately configured, with an active firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware and be aware of the authenticity of the websites visited on the internet, avoiding websites whose reputation should not be trusted.

Amendoeiras House acknowledges that it will be able to communicate data of the Users within the merger, acquisition and / or merger processes in which it is found, not considering this communication as a transfer of data to third parties, nor if there is any subcontracted treatment.
Amendoeiras House may also transmit data to third parties in the context of investigations, inquiries and judicial and / or administrative proceedings or of similar nature, provided that it is duly ordered by judicial order accordingly.

Data transfer
In case of data transfers to third countries that do not belong to the European Union or the European Economic Area, Amendoeiras House will comply with the law, in particular as regards the suitability of the country of destination for the protection of personal data and the requirements applicable to such transfers, and personal data are not transferred to jurisdictions which do not provide security and protection guarantees.
The use of Amendoeiras House’s social networks may involve data transmission to providers of social media services, which may be based outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. Amendoeiras House is not responsible for the data that the user makes available on social networks.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
Amendoeiras House reserves the right at any time to make adjustments or changes to this Privacy Policy, these changes are being duly published on this site.

The Amendoeiras House Management, according to its vision and strategy, defined and is committed to the following guidelines to support the integrated system policy:
– To actively and continuously improve the Integrated Management System in all its aspects;
– Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements and others that might be subscribed;
– Contribute to the satisfaction of the client and other independent parties by identifying their needs and meeting their expectations;
– Develop the local economy, promote Abrantes as a tourist destination;
– Comply with good hygiene and food safety practices in order to prevent damage to the health of its customers and employees;
– Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injuries and health conditions related to work;
– Work continuously to eliminate hazards and reduce risks for safety and health at work;
– Contribute to the environmental protection, namely through the prevention of pollution, the efficient management of resource consumption, the minimization of waste production, privileging the purchase of local products and hiring people from the region;
– Train employees, increase their knowledge and skills, thus contributing to an excellent and sustainable service;
– Ensure consultation and participation of employees or their representatives within the scope of the Integrated Management System.

The property of Amendoeiras House
Abrantes, May the 4th 2022


Sanitation Protocol and Covid-19 Internal Protocol

Information to all Customers:
Guest reception takes place, whenever possible, in the garden hall.
How to follow basic infection prevention and control precautions regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak:
For your safety and ours, we have a contactless digital thermometer to measure the temperature upon arrival and whenever you wish.
We would appreciate it if you replaced your shoes with slippers in the entrance hall. We have beach flip-flops costing €2.50 (VAT included).
Please use the hand sanitizer upon entry and exit, found in the reception hall and pool annex.
Guests have Disinfectant Gel available for them in the reception and in the pool annex.
Disinfection wipes are available in the bedrooms and reception. Alcohol and first aid material are available in the bathroom.
Please ensure that the air conditioner is in the upward projection position to avoid the spread of particles.
Amendoeiras House favors local commerce.

Protection Recommendations
Wear a mask when in contact with people.
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, rubbing them well for at least 20 seconds.
Use soap and water, preferably.
Alternatively, you can use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 70% alcohol, covering all surfaces of your hands and rubbing them until they are dry.
Reinforce washing before and after preparing food or meals, after using the bathroom and whenever your hands are not clean.Use single-use tissues to blow your nose.
Throw used tissues in a trash can and wash your hands afterwards.
Cough or sneeze into your arm, with your elbow bent and not into your hands.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands or those contaminated with respiratory secretions.
Avoid staying in closed and highly frequented places after returning from travel.
Be alert to symptoms of fever, cough or difficulty breathing.
If any of the symptoms mentioned above appear, call SNS- 808242424

The establishment possesses:
Personal protective equipment available to customers: kit with surgical mask and gloves, free of charge.
Sufficient personal protective equipment for all employees.
Stock of single-use cleaning supplies, including single-use cleaning wipes moistened with disinfectant, bleach and 70% alcohol.
Dispenser of alcohol-based antiseptic solution or alcohol-based solution in the entrance hall and in the pool annex room.
Non-manual opening waste container with plastic bag.
Container with non-manual opening for masks and gloves in the entrance hall.
Paper towels for cleaning hands in the bathroom.
Soaps, shower gels and shampoo in individual packaging.
Recycling container in the kitchen.Bucket and mop for toilet.
Bucket and mop for kitchen.

Amendoeiras House ensures, before check-in and after check-out, washing and disinfection of the surfaces where customers and employees circulate, also by spraying, in accordance with this protocol, guaranteeing the control and prevention of infections and resistance to antimicrobials. Outdoors we use a 5% bleach solution.
Cleaning is carried out with gloves and an FFP2 mask, wet cleaning and air renewal by opening windows for ventilation.

At this stage, we only book the house to a single family/group instead of booking rooms.

Between reservations (check out and check in) we close for disinfection and airing during twenty-four hours.
We reinforced the cleaning of surfaces and objects in common use (including light switches, door handles, cabinet handles) with antibacterial disinfectant.
We prioritize wet cleaning over dry cleaning and the use of a vacuum cleaner.
Air renewal in rooms and closed spaces is carried out regularly.
The pool is disinfected daily at night, for eight hours, with the renewal of salt water, using saline electrolysis, instead of chlorine.
We reinforce the hygiene of utensils, equipment and surfaces; direct handling of food by customers or employees must be avoided as much as possible.
Cleaning and sanitization guarantees specific care for the change of bed linen and cleaning of rooms, favoring two spaced intervention times and with adequate protection according to internal protocol.
Bed linen and towels are removed without shaking them, rolling them from the inside out, without touching the body and transporting them directly to the washing machine.
Bed linen/towels and employee clothing are washed separately, by the washing machine and at a temperature of 80º.
After airing the spaces and only after a 3-hour break, we clean, disinfect and replace clothes and towels.

Covid-19 Internal Protocol
We ensure that there is always a responsible employee on duty, Carlos Sousa, to activate the procedures in case of suspected infection (accompany the person with symptoms to the isolation space in order to provide the necessary assistance and contact the SNS, National Service of health). Contact 808242424.
We have an isolation suit, mask, visor, gloves and glasses to provide assistance.
Amendoeiras House has an isolation room, in the pool annex, which will be the isolation place for people who may be detected, such as suspected cases or confirmed cases of COVID-19. It has surgical masks and disposable gloves, digital thermometer, autonomous waste container, container for masks and gloves, waste bags, second hand clothing collection bags.A water kit and some non-perishable food are available.
Decontamination of the isolation area, whenever there are positive cases of infection, will be reinforced with cleaning, disinfection and spraying, especially on surfaces frequently handled and most used by the individual, as indicated by the DGS. We will ensure quarantine disinfection after indication from DGS. The waste produced by the patient suspected of infection will be stored in a plastic bag and closed with a clamp, which is available in the room and must be segregated and sent to an operator licensed for the management of hospital waste with biological risk.

In the pool area we appreciate the use of slippers.
We have rules for using the pool, on paper and on a sign at the pool gate. Please note that children cannot be in the pool without an adult.

We reiterate and hope that you enjoy and feel
Just like at home.

Thank you,
Florinda and Carlos